Taking Care of Business

An Iraqi man clearing ground to build a house
in Kirkuk. Photo courtesy of Ayub Nuri.

This week on War News Radio: personal stories of working in a post-invasion Iraq.

First, we talk with Antonia Juhasz, from Oil Change International, and author of The Tyranny of Oil, about the involvement of foreign oil companies in Iraq. Kristin Caspar and Alex Imas report.

Next, we learn what it is like to be an Iraqi working for an American company in Iraq. Listen now to Alex Ginsberg’s report.

Then, we explore why Americans are going to Iraq to find work. Cyrus Stoller reports.

Finally, in our series, A Day in the Life, we speak with a neurosurgery nurse in Kirkuk about how he copes with the stress of his patients’ traumatic injuries. Listen now to Ayub Nuri’s report.

These stories, plus the week’s news, from War News Radio.
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