Changing Colors

A camp for displaced people in the southern Iraqi city of Kut. Photo courtesy of Ayub Nuri.

This week on War News Radio, we look at how ethnic diversity is changing in Iraqi neighborhoods.

First, hear from Iraqis who have left their homes for more homogeneous neighborhoods. Alex Imas and Ayub Nuri report.

Then, we talk about the long term consequences of sectarian segregation. Asher Sered and Elise Garrity report.

Next, we chat with journalist Nir Rosen, who has witnessed the demographics of a Baghdad neighborhood change since the 2003 invasion. Listen now to Sonny Sidhu’s report.

Then, two Iraqi immigrants tell us about what it was like to move to Philadelphia and take root in a new country. Elizabeth Hipple reports.

Finally, we hear from an Iraqi artist who tells us about ethnic diversity inside his own family and his art work. Listen now to Kristin Caspar’s report.

These stories, this week on War News Radio.
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