Out of Work

Men working in Baghdad. Photo courtesy of the Ayub Nuri.

This week on War News Radio, the next of our series focusing in on some of the big unresolved questions about the war in Iraq. We consider Iraq’s unemployment crisis.

First, we hear about the difficulties Iraqis face as they look for work. Listen now to Emily Hager’s report.

Then, we hear form the owner of one garment factory that closed. Listen now to Madeleine Abromowitz’s report.

And, we find out about the difficulties Iraq has faced as it transitions from a state-controlled economy to a more privatized one. Listen now to Cyrus Stoller’s report.

Joblessness is taking a unique toll on women in Iraq. We hear about how the unemployment situation is changing the work environment for women. Listen now to Jess Engebretson’s report.

And finally, we investigate the link between Iraq’s security problems and unemployment. Listen now to Elizabeth Threlkeld’s report.

These stories this week from War News Radio.

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