Best of Spring ’08

Iraqi police officers on the job in Basra.

This week on War News Radio, we proudly present some of our favorite pieces from the spring.

First, we find out about the slow progress that has been made towards assembling Iraq’s security forces. Listen now to Wren Elhai’s report.

Next, joblessness is taking a unique toll on women in Iraq. We hear about how the unemployment situation is changing the work environment for women. Listen now to Jess Engebretson’s report.

Then, we speak with US Army Brigadier General Edward Cardon about how oil infrastructure fits into the American military strategy for rebuilding Iraq. Listen now to Elizabeth Threlkeld’s report.

Finally, in our series “A Day in the Life”, we speak with an Iraqi refugee who made it to the UK by way of Turkey and Greece–but now thinks leaving was a mistake. Listen now to this report.

These stories this week from War News Radio.

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