Kyle Crawford

Kyle Crawford

Class: ’12

Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Kyle Crawford joined War News Radio in the Summer of 2010. He is an honors political science and sociology/anthropology major. In 2011, Kyle was recognized with the Mark of Excellence Award by the Society of Professional Journalists. Kyle earned the award in the radio news reporting category for his story “Dunson Vision” – on how soldiers have been using YouTube to share images of their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kyle has published stories on Youtube videos posted by soldier’s, the Human Terrain System, The U.S withdrawal from Iraq and the VIVA world cup to name a few. His piece entitled “Uploading the War” which explored how YouTube is changing the way soldiers tell their stories was cited by CNN, Gawker, Russia Today, The San Francisco Chronicle and others.  This fall, his story on the army’s Health Professions Scholarship Program was featured on WAMC’s The Health Show, which is broadcast on 200 radio stations and Armed Forces Radio. You can read about him in the Swarthmore Phoenix. Outside of War News Radio, Kyle plays varsity baseball and is part of the Amos J. Peaslee Debate Society. Kyle’s favorite radio shows include WBEZ’s This American Life, WYNC’s Radio Lab, and the CBC’s Wiretap.

E-mail him at kcrawf [at] warnewsradio [dot] org.

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