Cyrus Stoller

Class : ’10

Hometown : San Francisco, USA

(Other) Favorite Radio Shows : Marketplace, NPR: Intelligence Squared

Cyrus Stoller, who joined War News Radio in September 2006, currently wears many hats, including a senior producer, co-anchor and reporter. He plans to major in mathematics, computer science, and/or engineering. He has covered stories for WNR on such topics as Americans finding jobs in Iraq, shopping in Baghdad, an American elementary school teacher supporting education in Afghanistan and the stumbling blocks an Iraqis translator had to overcome in immigrating to the US.

When Cyrus is not in the studio working on a story or helping to produce the show, you might find him at an intercollegiate debate tournament up and down the eastern seaboard (or even abroad, now and again).

E-mail him at cyrus[at]

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