Alan Smith

Hometown : Nelson County, VA

Dream Interviewee : Grand Ayatollah Sistani

(Other) Favorite Radio Shows : This American Life, Boticelli Your Mom, Car Talk

Alan Smith joined War News Radio in the conceptual stages, and has been excited by everything the program has come up with since. He worked as an associate producer and to try and keep things together in early on, has gotten to play all the different roles in a radio program at some time or another.

Since he just graduated from Swarthmore as a double major in English and History, he is going to have to leave the program, but he hopes to continue to be involved in whatever capacity War News Radio will have him.

In the department of thanking people, he would like everyone to know how important Marty Goldensohn, Mike O’Conner and Susan Phillips have been to the program. War News Radio wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today without their help and guidance.

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