Best of Spring 2012: WNR &

Arrested in Bahrain

Multimedia report by Amy DiPierro, Caroline Batten and Collin Smith, investigating the story of two American activists from Witness Bahrain who were arrested at an anti-monarchy protest marking the 2011 uprising in Bahrain.
RELATED VIDEO: Interview with Bill Marczak of Bahrain Watch
RELATED MULTIMEDIA: Anatomy of a Press Release (from the government of Bahrain)
RELATED MULTIMEDIA: Tear Gas: Made in the US, used in Bahrain


Kony 2012: Recap and Looking Ahead

Klara Aizupitis produced this video report, leading us through the responses to Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign, and looking ahead to what it could mean for participation in their Cover the Night event.
RELATED VIDEO: Cover the Night: Philadelphia Report – Produced by Klara Aizupitis
RELATED VIDEO: Complex Problems, Simple Solutions? – Produced by Collin Smith

Kabul Dreams: Afghanistan’s First Indie Rock Band

Multimedia report produced by Alan Zhao
When you imagine Afghanistan, you usually first think of opium, Taliban, and war. But three young men from Kabul are trying to change that with a very unique sound.

Iraqi Kurdistan: economic development and inequality

Parts One and Two of Amy DiPierro’s radio series on economic development, poverty, and inequality in Iraqi Kurdistan. This show-length feature is prefaced by an interview in which DiPierro explains how she became interested in this story, the history of Iraqi Kurdistan, and the meaning of the word Kurdistan itself.

RELATED: Kurdistan Diaries: Diyarbakir
Rachel Stacy kept an audio diary of her October 2011 trip through the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Iraq with Chicago-based service group Christian Peacemaker Teams. In this excerpt, Stacy tells the story of a young woman whose humanitarian work on behalf of Kurdish communities in Diyarbakir, Turkey got her into trouble with local authorities. Produced by Amy DiPierro.

After the War: PTSD and Veterans’ Care

Understanding and treatment of the disorder has improved since the Gulf War, but War News Radio’s Caroline Batten investigates how far veterans’ care still has to go in this radio feature report.

US-Affiliated Iraqis Still Facing Danger

Elliana Bisgaard-Church reports on how Iraqis who faced danger during the war while working for the U.S. government still face lethal danger, despite decreased, or perhaps diverted, American media attention.

Video: US Places $10 Million Bounty on Hafiz Saeed

Video report produced and hosted by Aaron Moser.
On April 4th, the United States announced a $10 million bounty on Hafiz Saeed. Saeed is the head of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah, the charitable wing of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the organization thought to be responsible for the 26/11/08 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This bounty comes three and a half years after the horrors in Mumbai, and in the middle of another tense moment in US-Pakistani relations.


The Rebecca Davis Dance Company in Rwanda 

Video: Aaron Moser looked into projects underway in Rwanda, and how a dance company can help a country heal from a genocide.

Video: Introduction to Tent City, Lakewood, NJ

Four reporters — Elliana Bisgaard-Church, Aaron Moser, Alan Zhao, and Jared Nolan — recently spent a weekend in January living at Tent City, a homeless camp housing 70 residents in Lakewood, NJ. Related: Background on Tent City

Video: Egyptian activist Ahmed Salah speaks at Swarthmore

Produced by Elliana Bisgaard-Church

Uke the News Presents: Uke the Nukes

When she’s not reporting about international conflict for WNR, Amy DiPierro moonlights as a ukulele columnist for Swarthmore’s Daily Gazette. This week, the topics she covered for her two favorite news organizations shared some surprising overlap.


War News Radio Weekly Newscasts

 New this year: The War News Radio staff has been developing new Weekly Video Newscasts:



Radio reports from Peace and Conflict Journalism students

Otto Pérez Molina and Militarization in Guatemala
Filipino-American WWII veterans renew fight for recognition of military service with HR 210 bill
Pakistan’s Afghan refugees face uncertain future
Williamsburg Environmental & Community Based Activism
Educators Push for New Arts Charter School in Chester

Multimedia reports from Peace and Conflict Journalism

Australia’s Boat People Problem
Ecuador March and Social Movements
Family of Fil-Am WWII veteran, youth activist speak out against U.S. government denial of veteran equity
Combating the War on Immigrants

The Impacts of Marcellus Drilling in Central PA

War News Radio honored with Mark of Excellence Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists

War News Radio, the public radio program we produced here in Lodge 6at Swarthmore College from 2005 through last December, has been honored with two 2012 Mark of Excellence awards from Region One of theSociety of Professional Journalists.

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