Reporting the Reality: The Taliban’s Threat to Local Journalists

(Credit: Defense Visual Information Distribution Service)

Local journalists in Afghanistan have the power to expose the reality of life under Taliban rule. Seeking control over the media’s narrative, the Taliban poses a major threat to these journalists, whose jobs and safety are at risk.

In this episode of War News Radio, we interviewed Faisal Karimi, a professor of journalism and communication and the founder and director of Afghanistan Institute for Research and Media Studies, as well as Mohammad Asef Ghafoory, a journalist and professor in Afghanistan with experience in radio, television, and international media. They explain the history of journalism in Afghanistan and how it has changed dramatically with Taliban rule. They also discuss the safety implications that this shift has on their lives and those of other journalists. 

This episode was written and produced by Lucas Meyer-Lee, Anya Slepyan, Long Tran-Bui, Nicole Kim, Max Winig, Sasha Casada, and Sophia Becker.