Guest Piece: Human Rights Humus

Human Rights Humus Logo via Lily Tyson

This week on War News Radio, we host a piece from Human Rights Hummus, a new podcast started by Swarthmore alums Lily Tyson ’17 and Marissa Cohen ’17…

Human Rights Hummus: Voices of the Holy Land is your passport to the front lines of one of the most contentious issues of our time: The Israeli Occupation. This podcast brings you across the table with Israelis and Palestinians who share their life stories and political perspectives.

How did the state of Israel come to fruition from the dream of Zionism? How did this effect the Palestinian population? What is the current situation in Israel-Palestine? Travel with Lily Tyson and Marissa Cohen through Israel/Palestine as they meet inspiring human rights activists fighting for peace and justice in the region.

Click here to listen to the first episode.

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