Summer Special: Updates from Hong Kong

Pasu Au Yeung via Flickr

War News Radio’s Katherine Kwok is in Hong Kong this summer interning at Radio Television Hong Kong’s English Channel, Radio 3. She’s done some wonderful news pieces and is sharing them with WNR–descriptions by Katherine and links are below:

Hong Kong Political Reform

“I did a two-part feature about the political reform that was vetoed in the Hong Kong legislative Council on June 18th this year. The main focus of the reform was the chief executive election package, proposed by the Chinese government on August 31 last year. This package was a big reason why people organized and joined in the Umbrella Movement last year.

I decided to focus on the youth’s voice for my feature for two reasons. The first: young protesters were the focus of the Umbrella Movement, but they kind of backed away from the spotlight after it ended in December. Since then, there were also some troubles with a main student political group — the Hong Kong Federation of Students. The University of Hong Kong quit the organization, unhappy with the group’s opaque way of decision-making. Second, leading up to the political reform, many groups were conducting public opinion polls to see whether Hong Kong people wanted to pass the political reform package. Some politicians cited statistics to back their stances early on in the process.”

Part 1 – Youth on the Hong Kong Political Reform

Part 2 – Young Pro-Establishment Politician’s Take on Political Reform

Timei Village Clearance

“This is about the government clearance of the Umbrella Movement’s remnants. Some protesters camped outside the Central Government Offices even after the main settlements were cleared out in December.”

Mass Transit Brings Gentrification

“The Hong Kong MTR (mass transit railway) recently opened new stations in this older, mostly residential district. The feature looks at its economic impacts.”

July First Rally

“This feature is a review of an annual pro-democratic rally in Hong Kong. People have been gathering together and marching to the government headquarters since Hong Kong was returned to China on July 1st, 1997.”

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