Down the Nile

Photo by ElvisParsley via flickr

The summer before he went off to college, Swarthmore first year Ahmet decided he would paddle down a portion of the Nile River in an inflatable raft. That plan might seem risky enough in peace times, but in the midst of rising popular dissent against then-President Muhammed Morsi, Ahmet also faced heightened restrictions on tourists in Egypt. But the extraordinary thing about Ahmet’s story – besides the fact that he actually attempted such a stunt – is that the Egyptian conflict brewing that summer barely merits a mention. Our story begins with Ahmet in the history classroom of the boarding school he attended in Turkey, faced with a nearly unanswerable question for his college application essay.

This piece was produced by Amy DiPierro.

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Audio used in this piece is in the public domain or has been licensed under the Creative Commons.

Abdel Wahab – Balash
Adrian Schubert Orch, with Elmer Feldkamp – Love Song Of The Nile (1933)
2malen@… – Evening over aswan (January 6, 2009) Field recording.
Spider – Midnight on the Nile

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