When Fighting Is Going On


Moon.Dust.Cloud - When Fighting Is Going On by domaniczky

This soundscape is part of a revised compilation called Moon.Dust.Cloud based on my original Basetrack audio records, which were recorded while I was embed with 1st Battalion 8th Marines in Helmand province, Afghanistan from October to December of 2010.

The following audio records were used for creating this piece:
– An Afghan Sitar played by a member of the Afghan National     Police at Observation Post Kunjak.
– Rhythmic patterns were created from slices of the first Shura in the village of Musazai, where local elders and Marines had the first chance to sit and talk face to face during Operation Denasta conducted by Bravo Company of 1/8 USMC.

First speaker : One of Bravo Company’s Afghan interpreter.
Second speaker : Local elder from the village of Musazai.
Third speaker: Captain John Campbell of USMC 1/8 Bravo Company

from Tivadar Domaniczky

via http://basetrack.org/2012/03/11/when-fighting-is-going-on/

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