Afghanistan Senate Chants Against US, Speaker Threatens to Evict it

The USG Open Source Center translates an article from the Afghan Islamic Press news agency in which the speaker of the Afghanistan parliament threatens to throw US out of Afghanistan they way Afghans threw the old Soviet Union out.

Afghan Senate blasts civilians’ killing by US soldier in south
Afghan Islamic Press
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 …

Excerpt from report by private Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency

Kabul, 13 March: The Afghan Senate has cancelled its meeting in protest.

The Senate cancelled its meeting on Tuesday, 13 March, in protest against the killing of civilians by US soldiers in Kandahar Province (southern Afghanistan).

At the beginning, the members of this house chanted slogans in hot temper against America and strongly condemned the killing of 16 civilians and injuring of six others in Panjwai District. They said such actions are no longer tolerable for the Afghan people.

Fazel Hadi Moslemyar, speaker of Afghan Senate, told journalists that the Afghans would not tolerate such savage acts of foreign forces. He added: “We condemn this action and it is not tolerable for any Afghan. We have no more patience. We fought against the Soviet Russia for our people and our country and forced them out. The Americans and other foreigners should know that we still can fight.” He added: “We took a civilized step today and cancelled our today’s session. However, we will stand beside our trained people if required and take the step that we took against Soviet Russians. We do not need foreign forces in Afghanistan. All the problems which we are facing are created by them. If they leave, the neighbouring countries will leave us alone and we can settle our country’s problems on our own.”

He said the US soldier who killed and injured innocent civilians in Panjwai District should be tried and punished in Afghanistan.

(Passage omitted: he demanded all provincial councils to cancel their meetings in protest. A US soldier killed 16 civilians in Southern Afghanistan on 11 March)

Armed Taleban have strongly condemned this act and said they would take revenge on American soldiers for killing Afghan civilians.

(Description of Source: Peshawar Afghan Islamic Press in Pashto — Peshawar-based agency, staffed by Afghans, that describes itself as an independent “news agency” but whose history and reporting pattern reveal a perceptible pro-Taliban bias; the AIP’s founder-director, Mohammad Yaqub Sharafat, has long been associated with a mujahidin faction that merged with the Taliban’s “Islamic Emirate” led by Mullah Omar; subscription required to access content;

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