Santorum’s Clarifier: Rick Condemned Obama’s Radical Islamic Theology

Santorum surrogate’s slip of the tongue

Santorum sent his spokesperson Alice Stewart out to explain that when he condemned President Obama’s “theology” for “not being based on the Bible,” what he actually meant to do was to condemn Obama for being an environmentalist. This explanation is, of course, not plausible.

Then Stewart put her foot in it by saying what she really meant, which was that he was condemning Obama for his radical Islamic theology.

She called back to retract, but as Freud pointed out, sometimes these slips of the tongue are ways for a person’s subconscious to express itself publicly.

This incident follows Santorum’s other spokesman Foster Friess, who came out to urge “girls” to put a “bayer aspirin between their knees” for birth control.

Santorum team: Not ready for prime time.

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