Anonymous sends unhappy Valentine’s Day greetings

Community of hackers take repsonsibility for mucking up website of company accused of supplying tear gas in Bahrain uprising

It’s been a busy Valentine’s Day for Anonymous, that loose affiliation of hackers who seem to be cracking into every company in town.

Celebrating the one-year anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain, sometimes called the February 14 Revolution, the group attacked Combined Systems, a tactical weapons company that has been accused of selling tear gas canisters and grenades to Arab governments.

Anonymous said the attack was in retaliation for sales by the company of chemical weapons “to repress our revolutionary movements.” The company had no comment.

The Bahrain government’s website too was targeted but appears to be back online.

But it wasn’t just tear gas manufacturers that were left crying on Valentine’s Day. Hackers that may or may not be affiliated with Anonymous also targeted the website of Nasdaq, the stock exchange where Amazon, Apple and Google trade their shares.

“During the past 24 hours, Nasdaq OMX has experienced intermittent service disruptions on our corporate websites,” said a spokesman in a statement. “We are working with our internet service providers to resolve these issues.”

This is not the first time the exchange has been hacked. Hackers repeatedly broke into Nasdaq’s computer last year. Federal investigators are trying to identify the who and why. The hackers are not believed to have cracked into the exchange’s trading platform.

The attack follows last week’s assault on Puckett & Faraj, the law firm that represented staff sergeant Frank Wuterich, who pleaded guilty to leading a group of Marines responsible for the deaths of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians at Haditha.

Hackers also briefly took down the CIA’s website last week. The week before Anonymous released a recording of a conference call between the FBI amd the UK’s Metropolitan police in which the authorities discussed cases they were bringing against British hackers.

Credit for today’s Nasdaq hack has been claimed by someone (or a group of someones) calling themselves L0NGwave99. They posted a statement online that reads:

Operation Digital Tornado by L0NGwave99, second day 🙂

You know, The 99% movement of the people has started in the US and many other countries, targeting the last enemy of the humankind, i.e. Capitalism of the Liberal Democracy.

Now the people all around the Homeland have profoundly realized that Capitalism is dangerous, and thus have risen against it.

The US government has applied every suppressive effort along with using its News imperialism to survive the effects of this movement.

But they must know that the 99% movement if possibly suppressible will never ever be annihilable.

Will anybody be able to stop the people’s storm of seeking justice against the liar and deceptive Capitalism-Liberalism?  Soon we will see…

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