This Week in Conflict

Barack Obama declares Iraq war a success
Obama marks coming end of US campaign in Iraq:
Post-American Iraq by the Numbers
Iraq Speaker: Keeping 15000 employees at US embassy in Iraq is illogical…
NATO: Iraq Training Mission To End on December 31
What will US departure mean for Iraq?
Sunni Separatist Fears as US Troops Leave Iraq

Islamabad Says Blockade On NATO Will Last Until ‘Rules Of Engagement’ Changed
US begins vacating Pakistan’s Shamsi air base
Pakistani Gunmen Torch NATO Cargo Again
Pakistan block of NATO supplies to continue
Pakistan Says U.S. Vacates Airbase, Meeting Deadline
Police: Up To 20 Trucks On Fire At NATO Terminal In Pakistan
RT @AP: NATO fuel tankers bound for Afghanistan come under rocket fire; 10 burning outside Quetta, Pakistan: -ldh

Pakistani Taliban Spokesman Denies Claim Of Government Peace Talks
Pakistani Taliban Confirm Peace Talks With Islamabad
PM: Pakistan’s President May Be Out For 2 Weeks
U.S. Says No Coup Concerns Over Pakistan President’s Health Problem
Pakistani Human Rights Activist Gunned Down

Syrian rebels gun down eight soldiers in retaliation after civilian deaths
Escalating violence in Syria leaves many dead
Syria military convoy ‘ambushed’
Deadly clashes hit northern Syria
Syria’s bloody uprising: reported deaths over 2011
Syria holds local elections as deadly clashes reportedly continue
Syrian troops battle opposition fighters in south of country
Syrian death toll ‘exceeds 5,000′
Uprising overshadows Syria polls
Syrian army and defectors ‘battling in south’
Violence continues across Syria
Reports of new killings in Syria
More Syrian deaths amid oil pipeline blast

‘Cleansed’ Libyan town spills its terrible secrets
‘Several killed’ in Libya fighting
Gunfight erupts in Libyan capital
Libya: Tripoli airport closed after rogue militia attacks garrison
Libya army chief survives bid on his life…
Libya militias given deadline to disarm and leave Tripoli

Egypt holds next phase of voting
Egypt’s army asserts constitutional control

At Least Five Killed In Afghan Suicide Attack
Afghanistan Suicide Blast Splinters Relations With Pakistan

Iran refuses to return US drone
US asks Iran to return downed drone

U.S. drone crashes in Seychelles
Drones: A deeply unsettling future

El Salvador apologises for 1981 massacre
Netherlands apologises for Indonesia massacre

U.S. military says it has no plans to inform families that soldiers’ remains were dumped in
Top US general warns of civil unrest in EU
US angered as Tehran blocks ‘virtual embassy’
Nationwide protests under way in Russia…
Osama bin Laden’s wives told they are free to leave Pakistan
3.5 million people mark Ashura in Iraq Karbala
Iraq presidency approves death sentences against 14 convicted with terrorism charges
UN peacekeepers injured in Lebanon blast
Afghan Women Wary Of Taliban Talks
Israeli settlers clash with troops in West Bank
Al-Qaida prisoners escape jail in Yemen
Tunisian assembly adopts provisional constitution

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