First reports on Gadhafi’s last day

Former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi was killed Thursday in his hometown of Sirte.

Students who study Peace and Conflict Journalism at Swarthmore College gathered around the workstations at War News Radio Thursday afternoon and checked up on the first day or reporting on the event.

The MiddleEastLive blog at the Guardian had a strong hour-by-hour breakdown of news. NPR producer Grant Clark reported on the celebration in Tripoli in a radio report on NPR’s news blog.

Hilary Clinton just said “Wow” when she first got the news, while preparing for an interview with CBS. President Obama’s comments were included with several other video reports on CNN‘s “This Just In” news blog.

Democracy Now had a live report from Libya and the Washington Post had AP‘s video obit and other Gadhafi videos. The Post is also reporting that Saif Gadhafi is on the run.

An NTC spokesman confirmed the death in a Sky News report on YouTube. More photos, videos and other info were collected at The Telegraph‘s live blog

A BBC video describes a man who said he killed Gadhafi. The Daily Mail gathered some of the most graphic imagesAl Jazeera linked to a very graphic YouTube video of rebels celebrating with what appears to be Gadhafi’s body.

A Facebook post with some graphic images had 123 “Likes” this afternoon, and jokes were beginning to emerge, including one suggesting that Gadhafi was located through the “Find My iPhone” app.

Foreign Policy linked to more reports in “What We Know About Qaddafi’s Death,” while the BBC chronicled Gadhafi’s last hours.

Tweet search results scrolled to quickly to consume completely but were full of conflicting reports and opinions and reminded us that some were in mourning.

Listen to War News Radio for more news on the death of Gadhafi in our next program.