Headlines from conflicts this week

Here’s a partial list of events we are now examining for the newscast segment of This Week on War News Radio. What do you think we should include?

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Officials: Iraq Attack Kills 35 People North Of Baghdad http://feedly.com/k/iksZUI
Wednesday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 23 Wounded http://bit.ly/q62eE5
Victims of northern Baghdad’s Taji blasts raise to 33 killed, 28 injured http://bit.ly/ln3z1e
Rocket falls on fuel tank behind Baghdad’s al-Rashid Hotel http://bit.ly/ipyf9x
More Than 30 Said To Be Dead After Bombings In Iraq http://n.pr/ikNvO3
Monday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded http://feedly.com/k/lvfzeb
Five military casualties in east Mosul http://j.mp/lUVOVl
Iraq’s former Presidential Palace under mortar attack in Baghdad http://j.mp/iXXuDn
URGENT: Two civilians killed, 5 others injured in second blast in Anbar on Monday http://j.mp/mUHCCt
Iraqi civilian killed, 6 others, including 3 cops, injured in Baghdad explosions http://j.mp/jlpWb7
Sunday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 6 Wounded http://j.mp/k3E3Pv
2 killed, 2 wounded in sticky bomb in Baghdad http://j.mp/kM5TCF
Five policemen killed in an armed attack in Ramadi http://j.mp/mShbWQ
Four persons, including 2 armed men, killed in Kirkuk blasts http://j.mp/lMWA2K
Saturday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded http://j.mp/lNbqJl
Eight persons, including 2 soldiers, injured in booby-trapped car blast in Mosul http://j.mp/mnvXzb
Iraq death toll rises to 271 killed in June http://j.mp/m6Yqv4


U.S. General Warns Insurgent Attacks Threaten Iraq http://bit.ly/otMnoc
U.S. willing to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq past year’s end, officials say http://lat.ms/q4Etnn
10,000 U.S. Troops Reportedly On Offer For Iraq http://feedly.com/k/puPpj3
Kurdistan Parliament Speaker: Present Iraqi situation is not ready for US Forces withdrawal from Iraq http://bit.ly/pO3ePz
100 MPs call on Iraqi government to demand departure of occupation forces http://j.mp/jbcalj
Iraq’s Islamic Party in Ninewa rejects extension of U.S. forces presence in country http://j.mp/kPPhlH
US Embassy in Baghdad requests 6 billion dollar as 2012 allocations http://j.mp/kw9zSG
2 US soldiers injured in Baghdad blast http://bit.ly/mOwcb5


Egypt Air to fly to Iraq soon – Ambassador http://j.mp/nVg0uA
New airport planned in Najaf – Official http://j.mp/oMisMu


Nearly 12000 detainees in Iraq http://j.mp/mIAM1h
Iraq’s Secession Court passes 168 death sentences http://j.mp/knOwsw
Detainees of terrorism prison on hunger strike http://j.mp/iVycX1


Hundreds Of Afghans Protest NATO Raid http://j.mp/oQn3Vx
Afghan civilians killed by British drone http://bit.ly/oFrooD
Buried Bombs Kill 30 Afghan Civilians In 48-Hours http://j.mp/krMJCP
Deadly roadside blast hits Afghanistan http://j.mp/jZucWN
Eleven Afghans Dead In Roadside Bomb http://j.mp/liWrnO
Afghan Bus Strikes Land Mine, Killing 18 http://j.mp/kMAsni


Britain To Pull Out 500 More Troops From Afghanistan http://j.mp/nFkman
Britain to pull 800 troops from Afghanistan: report reut.rs/leQSKl
‘Modest’ Troop Withdrawals From Afghanistan http://huff.to/n11v7K


Libyan rebels seize key western town http://aje.me/oPmAa8
Libyan rebels said to advance in west http://j.mp/oDnSuZ
Libyan rebels launch dual offensive http://j.mp/qOPqli
Libyan rebels ‘make desert gains’ http://j.mp/pqPwvz
Civilians killed in Misurata shelling http://bit.ly/oSzcjv
Fighting kills 11 in Libyan city http://feedly.com/k/jy6Kmm
Three explosions rock #Tripoli, #Libya, according to reports aje.me/jG2Jnl


Rebels offer Qaddafi Libyan Retirement http://j.mp/jezFUc
Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he quits: rebel chief reut.rs/lXUcCG
Libya rebels back AU talks offer http://j.mp/jLIoCk
VIDEO: Clinton calls on Gaddafi to resign http://bbc.in/jBNF6l
Clinton dismisses Gaddafi threats http://j.mp/k2hrBs
Gaddafi’s son claims Nato wants deal with Libya http://j.mp/j0FcXi
Gaddafi warns that #Libya could strike in Europe unless NATO halts bombings http://wapo.st/ksndea
Libya casts shadow over AU summit http://j.mp/mtDKkK



Amnesty highlights Syria ‘crimes’ http://feedly.com/k/qPzLpd
Human-rights groups urge action on Syria http://lat.ms/oMnUZ7
Syrian Tanks enter Hama http://bit.ly/mNUHk2
11 protesters in #Syria shot dead by security forces, rights groups say – from AFP http://j.mp/iuB6u1
Syrian protesters call on Assad to step down http://j.mp/jQbDlh


Many dead in Yemen attacks http://aje.me/pRgSes
Yemen claims forty al-Qaeda fighters killed http://bit.ly/oonKQz
About 50 Yemeni soldiers are missing after battling suspected al-Qaeda linked fighters in country’s south | #Yemen | http://bit.ly/mIPmz0


Statement by the President on Change of Condolence Letter Policy http://j.mp/qz6nPo
Leon Panetta sworn in as US defence secretary http://j.mp/mK4BQ9
Interior minister confirms Hariri indictments http://j.mp/mkVuOD
Somali terrorism suspect secretly held by US http://bit.ly/qrB9VU
EGYPT: More protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square http://bit.ly/os6hn3


US Gaza-bound boat returning to Greek port http://j.mp/jyA92k
Activists prepare to set sail for Gaza http://j.mp/jKfcPw


Dennis Kucinich: The US must end its illegal war in Libya now http://bit.ly/rqbIpg
Three Senators Call For Afghanistan Withdrawal By End Of 2012 http://feedly.com/k/mXcyyC
$4,000,000,000,000 cost for US wars over decade http://bit.ly/lQKJPh


DOD Identifies Army Casualty http://1.usa.gov/mPBbZi
DOD Identifies Army Casualty http://1.usa.gov/pnY8X7
DoD Identifies Army Casualty http://j.mp/kJmFJj
DOD Identifies Army Casualties http://j.mp/il4tOu
DOD Identifies Marine Casualty http://j.mp/jOtwod
DOD Identifies Marine Casualty http://j.mp/koV31c