Al Arabiya video: NATO Bombs Libya TV Station


NATO Bombs Libya TV Station

Another round of NATO air strikes pounded Tripoli in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The city has undergone a series of bombings over the last couple of days with Libya TV reporting that a telecommunications building was destroyed in the explosions.

Despite repeated attempts by NATO, Qaddafi forces have shown defiance in the face of the attacks.

Rebels are still unable to advance to the capital but seized the town of Yafran, southwest of Tripoli, on Monday. At the same time, a Chinese diplomat has visited Benghazi to discuss Libya’s political future with the rebel government, the National Transitional Council.

Libyan Deputy Prime Minister Khaled Kaim told reporters of government forces refraining from recapturing rebel territory in a bid to avoid casualties.

On Sunday, NATO helicopters bombed a rocket launcher near Brega, in the east. French helicopters have been in Libya since Friday, and British warplanes bombed two tanks and two armored personnel carriers, on Thursday.


Khaled Kaim – Libyan Deputy Prime Minister

By Noora Faraj
Al Arabiya with Agencies