Photos from Afghanistan, November, 2010

A Bushmaster vehicle is manned 24 hours at a security position in the Dorafshan region of southern Afghanistan. Vehicles are providing security for the construction of a new patrol base. (ISAF Public Affairs/LS Paul Berry)
The photo provided by ISAF above is just one of 43 presented in’s “Big Picture” blog, which takes a monthly look at photojournalism produced in Afghanistan:
Saturday, November 27th marked a milestone in Afghanistan – after that day passed, the United States and its allies have now been in Afghanistan longer than the Soviet Union had been when it withdrew in 1989. Recent announcements by the U.S. appear to show that it plans to remain at least another four years. In the south, U.S. forces are increasingly encountering abandoned buildings that are heavily booby-trapped as they pursue the Taliban, leading them to systematically destroy the structures. Arghandab district governor Shah Muhammed Ahmadi said “In some villages where only a few houses were contaminated by bombs, we called the owners and got their agreement to destroy them, In some villages like Khosrow that were completely empty and full of IED’s, we destroyed them without agreement because it was hard to find the people – and not just Khosrow, but many villages. We had to destroy them to make them safe.” Collected here are images of the country and conflict over the past month, part of an ongoing monthly series on Afghanistan. (43 photos total)