This Week at War: 11.17.10

U.S. Army Cpl. Justin L. Gessert pulls security in Afghanistan's Kunar province. US Army photo.

Here’s our weekly roundup of headlines from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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Clinton Defends Afghan Operations After Karzai Criticism
NATO Chief Plays Down Afghan Leader’s Criticism
Karzai calls for fewer US raids

Robert Gates underscores joint effort to fight Taliban and al-Qaeda,
despite Afghan criticism of US role.
US envoy Richard Holbrooke says US has transition plan for
Afghanistan, not exit strategy

Marine Corps commandant says Afghanistan is top priority Read more:
NPR: U.S. To Unveil Transition Plan For Afghanistan @audio U.S. to Leave Afghanistan in 2011, 2014, Never
U.S., NATO to announce ‘transition’ strategy in Afghanistan war
The U.S. and its allies have unleashed a massive air campaign in
US panel: Look at smaller Afghan mission
AP: 2014 is the new date to watch in Afghanistan
thenation: When Will Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan Ever End?
Kucinich to force Congress to vote on withdrawing from Afghanistan
after news Obama will extend war to 2014
UK to stay in Afghanistan ‘as long as it takes’
U.S. official: December review to help set ‘pace’ of Afghan
TIME: How Well Is the U.S. Really Doing in Kandahar?

Leading Afghan insurgent tells BBC it would agree to a ceasefire if US-
led coalition forces stayed in their main bases.
Informed Comment » Afghan Poll: We don’t Like Taliban but will Gladly
Talk with Them

Taliban running out of bullets, bombs in Afghanistan
Taliban leader: Insurgents waging war of attrition
Reuters: Afghan poll candidate killed during holiday prayers
NYT: U.S. Tries to End Flow of Bomb Item to Afghanistan
Monday: Taliban attack kills 8 police officers in Afghanistan
More Afghans, International Troops Killed In Clashes
Would-be suicide bombers try to storm NATO base in Afghanistan
Bomb kills eight in northern Afghanistan
Taliban launches major attacks. Raid on US airbase in Jalalabad
repulsed; bomb blast in Kunduz kills civilians, police
Insurgents attack NATO base in eastern Afghanistan
Taliban stealing U.S. Army uniforms
Vehicle-bomb blast reported near NATO convoy in Afghanistan Friday

Gates: Pentagon Spending Is Not Driving The Deficit
Deficit Plan Scraps Pentagon Jets, Tanks, Trucks
Reform panel targets Pentagon procurement
The Pentagon Would Take $100 Billion Hit

Carl Levin wants to see the “Don’t ask” repeal and the defense
authorization bill pass during the lame-duck session.
WaPo: ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ splitting gay rights groups
NYT: Little Harm Found if Gay Ban Is Lifted
RT @mediaite: McCain On DADT: “I Will Listen to Our Military Leaders,
Not A Study That Is Leaked” (VIDEO) NC
Pentagon probes leak of report’s verdict on gays in military
ACLU suing Pentagon over separation pay for gays
US court upholds gay soldier ban
Pentagon Could Expedite Release of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Review
Pentagon Memo Leaked On Veterans Day Supports Repeal Of ‘Don’t Ask’


New UN expert on torture says US must conduct full investigation into
detainee abuse abroad and hold those accountable.
British troops face probe over Iraq abuse allegations
US Sgt. Accused of ‘Unspeakable Cruelty’ in Afghanistan
Soldier tells Lewis-McChord hearing: ‘I did not commit murder’

Informed Comment » 4 Christians Killed in Mosul, Iraq, as Exodus
Australia: Hundreds protest Iraq’s Christian killings
Gunmen break into Christian house in northern Iraqi city, kill 2 men
Thousands protest over increase in violence against Iraq Christians
Thousands protest in Brussels following string of violent attacks
against Christians in Iraq
Fear of jihad driving Christians from Iraq

Monday: Car Bombs Kill 2 in North Iraq, 1 in Baghdad
Iraq violence kills eight Sunday
Three civilians were killed in separate incidents and security forces
arrested 34 Wednesday in Mosul and Baquba.

Two soldiers with Fort Collins ties are being remembered today after
they were killed fighting in Afghanistan.
As of Tuesday, at least 1,260 members of the U.S. military had died in
As of Wednesday, at least 4,426 members of the U.S. military had died
in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003.
The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of three soldiers
who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.
Fort Campbell medic killed in Afghanistan about
21 hours ago via TweetDeck
Video: Wake held for Middletown Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Solemn homecoming
A southwest Ohio family says a 25-year-old Fairborn native has been
killed in Afghanistan
DoD Identifies Casualties:
Sunday: 7 NATO troops slain in Afghanistan, most lethal day for
Western troops in a month.
US troops killed in Afghanistan and Africa
Sunday: NATO says 5 soldiers killed in Afghanistan
US Troops Killed In Afghanistan And Africa
Ultimate sacrifice by modest son serving in Helmand province Read
US troops killed in Iraq and Kuwait
DOD Identifies Marine Casualties:
Born Soldier,” Fallen in Afghanistan, Mourned as Casket Arrives
At Arlington, ‘we all share in the same loss’
DOD Identifies Army Casualties:
Prince Harry opens field of remembrance for Afghanistan dead

Germany to step up operations against Afghanistan insurgents (Roundup) about
German Government Plans to Extend Afghanistan Troop Mandate
Canada may focus on rights of women in Afghanistan Read more:
NATO, Russia to boost co-operation in Afghan war at upcoming summit
Prince William is ‘frustrated’ about Afghanistan
Major General Nick Carter gives devastating assessment of Afghanistan
war effort
Dutch government to investigate possibility of new Afghanistan mission

Informed Comment » Allawi Predicts new Iraqi Government will Fall
reuters: INTERVIEW-Iraq’s Talabani sees Sunni bloc joining govt
Sunni-backed bloc agrees to role in Iraqi government
Iraqi parties confirm commitment to power-sharing deal
Sunni-backed bloc returns to Iraqi parliament
Obama hails new Iraqi government as ‘milestone,’ though challenges
washingtonpost: Power-sharing agreement leaves some Iraqis bitter,
saying nothing will change
Iraq pact heralds new political era
(Reuters) – Iraqi lawmakers agreed on the top three posts for a new
government eight months after an election.

cbsnews: Soldier Takes Huge Risk to Get PTSD Help
Sydney Morning Herald: Drug given to wounded soldiers in Iraq,
Afghanistan may be putting their lives in further danger
Documents: KBR knew of exposure at Iraq plant
At war: . One in five will develop a mental health disorder.

‘In Their Boots’ series lets veterans call the shots
Chiroux: “[Going to university after being in the service] carries a
whole lot of weight in the soldier’s imagination”
AFP: Suicide rates soar among US veterans
British vets seeking help for mental health problems after serving in
Iraq and Afghanistan up 25% this year:

U.S. missiles kill 20 in Pakistan border town
US drone attack kills five in Pakistan

Target, ‘war hero dog’ who saved 50 soldiers in Afghanistan,
mistakenly put to death in AZ shelter

Report: Climate change threatens Mideast water supply; threatens
severe scarcity by 2015 if no action is taken
Climate change worsens plight of Iraqi farmers

Wash Post Middle East » Bush memoir makes selective use of Iraq data Bush’s legacy in 7 words: ‘Nobody was lying. We
were all wrong’
‘Not telling the truth’: Former German Chancellor calls George Bush a
liar over memoir’s claim of Iraq war U-turn
More regrets in Bush memoir: