War Stories

From left to right, US screeenwriter Mark Boal, US director Kathryn Bigelow, producer Greg Shapiro and French Nicolas Chartier, pose for the photographers with their awards for Best Film for ‘ The Hurt Locker’, in the media room at the British Academy Film Awards. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

This week on War News Radio, we talk to veterans about the accuracy of the Iraq War film ‘The Hurt Locker’. Aaron Moser, Alan Zhao and Louis Katz report.

Then, we speak with a US combat medic who served in Iraq. Jared Nolan has the story.

And, we hear about Iraq’s parliamentary elections and what’s being done to ensure that votes from refugees outside the country count. Sam Hirshman has the story.

Finally, we’ll learn about the complex relationship between Iraq, Israel, and Palestine. Dani Noble has the story.

These stories this week, plus the week’s news.

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