Another Year

An Afghan security man asks local people to get out of the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009., w Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.
An Afghan security man

This week marks the eighth anniversary of the American invasion of Afghanistan. This week on War News Radio, we present a theme show reflecting on the last eight years, and looking ahead to where the war may be headed in the future.

First, we look into the issues facing Afghanistan’s parliament today. So far, it hasn’t lived up to the high expectations of 2005. Emily Hager and Emily Dolson report.

Then, we hear from an American who deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 – and didn’t find what he expected. Alexander Blocker and Rosanna Kim report.

And, we speak with Senator Carl Levin about his ideas on US strategy in Afghanistan. Kyle Goeckner-Wald reports.

Finally, we listen to reflections from four Afghans about the beginning of the war. Anjali Cadambi, Sachie Hayakawa, and Madeleine Abromowitz report.

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