The Ties That Bind

Refugees in Darfur listen to a radio program. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.
Refugees in Darfur listen to a radio program.

This week, War News Radio brings you a program from our sister studio, The Darfur Radio Project.

First, we explore how a small radio studio in the Netherlands is connecting Darfuris to each other–and to the rest of the world. Chelsea Davis reports.

Next, we check in with Sudanese at home and in the US to hear their opinions on the ICC decision to issue an arrest warrant for President Bashir. Listen now to this report.

Then, we explore the role of political Islam in Sudan, past and present. Laura Wang reports.

Finally, we hear the story of one Sudanese family who recently took a trip to Darfur to attend an old friend’s wedding. Kate Aizpuru reports.

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