Growing Up

Iraqi schoolboys in a classroom in Baghdad. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

This week on War News Radio, we take a closer look at what it means to be young in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

First, we learn about Scholastic International’s initiative to deliver American children’s books to Iraqi libraries. Anna Shechtman reports.

Then, we check in with No More Victims, a program that brings wounded Iraqi children to the United States for medical care. Peter Holm reports.

We also hear two Afghan teenagers describe their experiences growing up under the Taliban and the new challenges they face as college students in America. Jess Engebretson reports.

Plus, we look into the status of schools in Afghanistan through the eyes of an American elementary school teacher working there. Cyrus Stoller reports.

Finally, we hear from an Iraqi cartoonist who educates children about the dangers of living in a warzone. Ben Mendolson reports.

These stories this week from War News Radio.

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