Self and Society

A farmer walking to her fields in West Darfur, Sudan. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

This week, War News Radio brings you a program from our sister studio, The Darfur Radio Project.

First, we learn about the Darfurian Saint Josephine Bakhita, and her importance to Sudan’s Catholics. Shilpa Boppana reports.

Next, in part one of our series on agriculture, we hear about how large scale agricultural projects in Sudan have affected the lives of local farmers. Sahiba Gill reports.

Then, we examine the historical development of Sudanese ethnic identities. Laura Wang reports.

And, in a continuation of our series on everyday life in Sudan, we hear about people’s favourite books, movies and music. Listen now to this report.

Finally, in part two of our series on agriculture, we look at the impact of international food aid on local farms in Sudan. Clarissa Skinner reports.

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