Changing of the Guard

Barack Obama and John McCain at the presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press.

This week on War News Radio, we look at how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are playing into the American presidential election – and consider how the results of that election will affect Afghanistan and Iraq.

We hear from a few Americans out doing their shopping at a Target in Springfield, Pennsylvania, and learn their thoughts on the war and the election. Emily Hager and Elizabeth Threlkeld report.

We also take a closer look at Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s plans for Iraq and Afghanistan. Anna Shechtman reports.

Then, we speak with Iraqis about the election debate over the war, and what a new administration in the United States will mean for Iraq. Elizabeth Threlkeld reports. Read the transcript here.

In the debates, the candidates have often referenced the success of the “surge.” We investigate the cause of the recent decrease in violence. Madeleine Abromowitz reports.

Finally, we take a look forward at what the next United States President will be facing in Afghanistan. Emily Hager reports.

These stories this week on War News Radio.

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