Back to Afghanistan

Soviet troops withdrawing from Afghanistan in 1988. Photo by Mikhail Evstafiev.

This week on War News Radio, with the conflict in Afghanistan heating up again, we revisit past pieces about the country to get a better understanding of its current situation.

First, we hear about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and how it has played into recent events. Listen now to Peter Holm’s report.

Also, we hear about the music and radio industries in Afghanistan, and how they’re growing in popularity. Listen now to Emily Hager’s report.

Then, we discuss the food shortage in the country and what is being done to confront hunger woes. Listen now to Elise Garrity’s report.

Finally, we hear from a doctor in Kabul about the health system in Afghanistan and his frustrations with the lack of international attention. Listen now to Cyrus Stoller’s report.

These stories this week from War News Radio.

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