Best of Our Class of 2008

Iraqi soldiers pushing one of their vehicles to start the engine in their military base in Kirkuk. Photo courtesy of Ayub Nuri.

This week on War News Radio, we salute this year’s War News Radio alums with our “Best of 2008 Grads” show.

First, we hear from Iraqi refugees in Syria and Jordan, and take a look at how their lives are changing as their resources dwindle. Listen now to Haley Loram’s report.

Then, U.S. service members aren’t the only American forces in Iraq. Thousands of private military contractors are performing jobs once reserved for enlisted forces. But, are they doing a good job? Listen now to Alex Marlowe Ginsberg’s report.

Then, we hear how U.S. service members in Iraq are using Facebook to keep in touch. Listen now to Anne Kolker’s report.

Finally, an Iraqi couple tells us how the war has changed Iraq’s singles scene and how the Internet has helped them stay connected. Listen now to Wren Elhai’s report.

These stories this week from War News Radio.

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