The Darfur Radio Project

Photo by Elizabeth Rubin.

This week War News Radio presents an exciting new program, The Darfur Radio Project.

In “Four Corners”, DRP explores the physical and mental geography of Sudan, both inside and outside of Darfur.

First, DRP takes a critical look at how Chinese investment is playing out in the Merowe Dam Project in northern Sudan. Listen now to Laura Wang’s report.

Then, in a new series on Sudanese culture, DRP speaks to musicians both at home and abroad. Listen now to Bettina Tam’s report.

DRP also explores the conflict in the east of Sudan, which predates the violence in Darfur. Listen now to Jess Engebretson’s report.

Finally, DRP reports on how both large international NGOs and smaller grassroots organizations tackle the question of education in Darfur. Listen now to Chengetai Mahomva and Shilpa Boppana’s report.

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