No Man’s Land

AP Photo/Hadi Mizban.

This week on War News Radio, we hear from aid workers and refugees who discussed the issues surrounding the Iraqi refugee dilemma at a recent panel in New York. Listen now to Jordan Bernhardt’s report.

We also hear from Middle East expert Michael Oren, who gives his take on the historical context of America’s involvement in the Middle East. Listen now to Dan Symonds and Jon Erwin-Frank’s report.

Then, we delve into the debate over whether detainees at Guantanamo Bay have the right to habeus corpus. Listen now to Liz Beirut’s report.

Finally, in our A Day in the Life series, we learn how the war has affected the routine of an Iraqi imam, both inside and outside the mosque. Listen now.

These stories, plus the week’s news, from War News Radio.

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