It’s the War, Stupid

Soldier Voting

Just a few days before the election, a new poll shows that Iraq, above all else, will determine who goes to Washington. This week on War News Radio, we analyze the military mindset. How do soldiers and veterans see politics? Listen now to this report from Cyrus Stoller and Emily Hager.

But veterans are doing more than voting this year – they’re running for office as well. Listen now to Meredith Firetog’s report.

And, we reexamine the rhetoric of the campaign trail. The parties do sound different after all. Listen now to Michael Drezner’s report.

Finally, we speak to an American journalist who founded a project that lets Iraqis take video cameras into their neighborhoods to get stories that just aren’t seen by the foreign media. Listen now to this report from Jeff Nagle, Louis Jargow, and Janis Libeks.

These stories, plus the week’s news, from War News Radio.

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