Young at War

Iraqi Kurdish women dance during
a wedding party

This week on War News Radio, we take a look at how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are playing out in the lives of the local youth.

We speak with two Afghan students who have made their way to college in America, and we look at the perks and problems of their new lives. Listen now to Jess Engebretson’s report.

And, we find out about dating in Iraq from a couple who use the Internet to keep their relationship alive. Listen now to Wren Elhai’s report.

Finally, for some young women in Iraq, rhinoplasty is part of a quest for beauty. For others, it is a chance to finally return to a normal life. We speak with two Iraqi girls who went under the knife for two very different reasons. Listen now to Elizabeth Threlkeld’s report.

These stories, plus the week’s news, from War News Radio.

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