One Nation…Indivisible?


We the people of Iraq, newly arisen from our disasters and looking with confidence to the future through a democratic, federal, republican system, are determined – men and women, old and young – to respect the rule of law, reject the policy of aggression, pay attention to women and their rights, the elderly and their cares, the children and their affairs, spread the culture of diversity and defuse terrorism. – from the preamble of the proposed Iraqi constitution (AP translation)

This week, a War News Radio special on the Iraqi constitution. First, Hansi Lo Wang takes a looks at this week’s efforts to distribute five million copies of the document. He gets the official story from the UN, and the unofficial story from citizens in Baghdad.

Then, Eva Barboni asks three experts to explain what works and what doesn’t in the proposed constitution. It is a document very open to interpretation, and John Turner, Juan Cole, and Brendan O’Leary have very different opinions about who the constitution puts in power, and how it should be read.

These stories, plus the week’s news, from War News Radio.

Listen to the whole show:

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