“Best of the Summer ’05 Shows” Show


This week, War News Radio is on vacation, taking a short break in preparation for what will be a great Fall ’05 season. In the meantime, we put together four of our favorite pieces for you to listen to.

First is a report on Iraqi vacations. Amelia Templeton answers the question: where do the citizens of Baghdad go to get away?

Then, being a soldier in Iraq requires a dual life. Today’s soldiers have a humanitarian duty, and a military duty. Trying to fulfill them both is extremely difficult, for the soldiers and the Iraqis. Wren Elhai reports.

David Mann asks the provocative question “Does terrorism work?” and takes a look at the many motivations behind terrorism and the outcomes it leads to.

Finally, in Iraq 101: The Sunni-Shi’a Divide, we hear the story of how these two faiths came about and what some of the key differences are.

Listen to the whole show:

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