Exit Strategies

In The Week in Review, a water main is broken in Baghdad, emboldened politicians in Washington call for a withdrawal timeline, and more violence in Iraq.

Then, War News Radio looks at America’s options for an exit from Iraq. We hit the streets to find the opinions of people shopping at Walmart and drinking lattes at Starbucks. That’s followed up with a more scientific Pew report on public opinion.

Next, we explore the surprising turnaround of North Carolina congressman Walter Jones. At one point, he wanted to rename French fries because of France’s position on Iraq. Now he’s calling for a plan to withdraw our troops.

Also, expert Juan Cole gives us his opinion on various proposals for getting out of Iraq and offers his own alternative.

An Iraqi college student tells Amelia Templeton that he doesn’t like the troops, but fears lawlessness if they leave.

Finally, in the first installment of Iraq 101, Professor John Turner brings us an earlier story of oil, airpower, and occupation, starring King Faisal.

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