A Special Presentation of War News Radio

It’s been four years since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

What has the war been like for the country’s people and for the American service members fighting on the ground?

On “VOICES FROM IRAQ” — an hour-long special presentation of War News Radio — we listen to their stories.
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Note to listeners: A silent, 5-minute “newshole” begins at 01:00, so be sure to fast-forward to 06:00 for the rest of the show.

This special presentation is available for free public broadcast.

The Program (59 min.)

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The Promo (20 sec.)

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The Rundown

    00:00 to 00:59, Billboard.

    In: “From Swarthmore College…” Out: “…after the news.”

    01:00 to 05:59, Newshole.
    06:00 to 19:40, Segment A.

    In: “This is WNR…” Out: “…after this break.”

    19:41 to 20:41, Station Break.
    20:42 to 39:54, Segment B.

    In: “Welcome back…” Out: “…after this break.”

    39:55 to 40:55, Station Break.
    40:56 to 58:59, Segment C.

    In: “We’re back with…” Out: “…thanks for listening.”

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