WNR social media distribution

Here is the step-by-step drill for social media distribution to execute AFTER you have posted our weekly show or any individual elements to PRX, Podbean and warnewsradio.org.


Presuming that you are already logged into Facebook with your personal credentials, and have admin status access for the WNR FB page:

Go to any PRX player on our site.

Drag your mouse over the file text to highlight, and copy with command-c.

Click “Share.”

Click “Facebook.”

Look to the share options at upper-left, and click “On your page.”

Paste the player text from above into the “Write something…” space

Below, if you have admin access to other pages, be sure to grab the WNR from the drop-down bar page below.

Click “Share Link” at the bottom of the window.

Go to http://on.fb.me/du0Zx4 to verify.

(*Please consider repeating the process and sharing “On Your Wall” with your personal accounts.)


Log in at tumblr.com with the usual credentials.

Click “Video” to embed our audio player. (This is simpler than uploading more audio.)

Paste the PRX player text – which should still be in you memory from the step above – into the “Caption” box.

Go back to the PRX player on our site.

Click “Share.”

Click, highlight and copy the code under “Embed on Your Website.”

Back at tumblr.com, paste the PRX embed code into the “Embed a video” box

At right, paste http://warnewsradio.org/ into the “content source” box.

Type any and all sensible keywords into the “tags” box

Click “Create Post” to publish.

Go to http://warnewsradio.tumblr.com/ to verify.


First, grab the post URL from warnewsradio.org.

(for instance, this could be: http://warnewsradio.org/2011/07/25/the-secret-strikes/ ..but not just http://warnewsradio.org)

Log in with the usual credentials at http://twitter.com/

Paste the URL. Twitter.com will tell you how many characters you have remaining.

Write a brief line or two that might tempt Twitter users to click on the link, for instance:

This Week on War News Radio: (Show title). Click to listen or download.

Or, for instance:

Did you know that the US is conducting drone strikes in six foreign nations? Listen:

Click the “Tweet” button to publish.

Finally, go to http://twitter.com/warnewsradio to verify

If you familiarize yourself with Tweetdeck or other platforms that support scheduled tweets, you can plan tweets for each post every day for a week.


If you have personal accounts on these or more networks, please consider helping to distribute all original WNR content. Group participation vastly multiplies our reach.