Using wnrserver

Here are some quick notes on accessing the new server:

First, you must be connected via the new “warnewsradio” wifi net at the lodge – using our iMacs or your laptops.  (with the usual credentials)

For Apple users:

Go to the finder.

Use command-K or the “Go” menu – and “Connect to Server”

Click “Browse”

Find and click on “wnrserver”

Click “Connect As..” at the top-right of the next window

Name: “wnr” (NOT “warnewsradio”)Password: (the usual)
Option: Click the “Remember” box if you like.

Next: Double-click on the “Public” folder

Inside you will find three folders:
– Show Files (for completed shows only)
– Segment Files (for completed pieces only)
– Personal Folders (where you can create your own folder within)

Please don’t place content anywhere else on the server – or it may be deleted.

The prefs were set for PCs as well as Macs, but don’t have a PC for testing; so, any PC users are on your own for now, or you can use the iMacs

Good luck!