Weekly Newscast – February 27, 2015

This week on War News Radio, Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan announced progress in the campaign against Boko Haram, tribal leaders and human rights activists reported that Islamic State militants have taken over 200 hostages in raids, the president of Yemen fled the capital city of Sanaa, and more.

Competing Narratives

This month on War News Radio “Competing Narratives.” First, we present our satirical news segment, “Filibusted.” Next, we hear updates on Boko Haram in Nigeria. Finally, reporter Sara Morell reflects on her three day program in the West Bank. But first, a round-up of this week’s news.

Weekly Newscast – April 25, 2014

WELSH: For War News Radio at Swarthmore College, I’m Tyler Welsh. BAILIN: And I’m Nora Bailin. Peace talks in South Sudan were delayed this week following attacks by rebel forces on a United Nations base in the city of Bentiu. At least 100 civilians were killed and 400 others were…

Yemen: Scarce Water, Security Threat?

The ten most water-stressed countries in the world – gosh, it sounds like a bad Buzzfeed article – are all in the Middle East or North Africa. Yemen, perhaps best known in the U.S. as the target of covert drone strikes, is in an especially dire position. War News Radio’s…

This Month on War News Radio: Changing Landscapes

In this month’s show, we examine three issues that build on the relationship between environmental stresses and conflict. First, we examine the impact of a five-year drought on the Syrian Revolution. Then, we investigate the effects of changes in global climate on farming, particularly in regions prone to conflict. Finally,…