Posting your show segment to the blog

Here is a brief web posting tutorial for show segments, until it changes again. This file details every step, but the process should not be very time consuming.

1 – Find, cut or export and MP3 of your segment. Upload and determine the URL
2 – Find an appropriate photo or graphic, available in the public domain, or otherwise made available for sharing.
3 – Create a new post.
4 – Upload your photo, with caption and link, and insert into the post.
5 – Insert the Flash player code, and paste your audio URR in the code TWICE.
6 – Publish you post or schedule for publication.


1) Find a photo, at least 576 pixels wide, or 8 inches, the width our the blog post column displayed on your screen. Try relevant search words on Wikipedia, the Flickr commons, or some of these sites:

2) Prepare your MP3

1) Log in at

(NOTE: The next step requires you to upload your segment MP3 to This is true only for segments because we post our show files to

2) To upload your MP3, click “Media” in the left column. Click “Add new.” Click “Choose File,” navigate to the MP# on your computer, and click “Upload.”

When you are returned to the Media Library, click on the filename for your uploaded MP3. Copy the uploaded file URL from the resulting screen. Save this URL, perhaps on a note on your desktop.

3) To create a new post, click “Posts.” Click either “Add New,” found under “Posts” at left, or “New Post” button at top, right.

Enter post title in “Enter Title” box. Be mindful of Visual/HTML tabs at top, right of post box

In visual view, mouse over and click the “Add Image” button, just next to “Upload/Insert”

Upload photo, then complete form:
Add caption, if desired.
Add link back to photo source, if not our original content.
Alignment: Center
Size: Large – 576 (576=8inches @72 dpi monitor resolution.)

When you see the photo in the post box, add the post text beneath it, describing the content and giving yourself credit. Link your name back to your staff page if you like.

Finally, toggle to the HTML view and add the Flash player code, which is attached to the bottom of this tutorial.

Paste the your uploaded MP3’s URL into the player code. *The URL needs to be pasted in TWO PLACES. Include the entire URL, beginning with http…
Under “Categories” in the right column, click on “War News Radio Online,” any other relevant search words, and add new terms if you like.

Click “Publish” and go back to the site to check the post.

*If you prefer to hold the post for timed-release, click “Edit,” next to “Publish Immediately.” You can change the date and time, click “OK” and click the blue “Schedule” button (which has replaced the “Publish” button.)


FACEBOOK: Capture the link for your post at, and click the Facebook button on our site to go to the WNR Facebook group. Click “Share:Link” and paste your URL. Add a comment if you like and click “Share.”

Once published on our FB page, click the “Like” button and click the new “Share” text link. This results in pasting the content in your personal Facebook profile, and offers another opportunity to comment.
Altogether, you can/should “Like” each report on the, on the WNR FB page, and on your personal profile.

Twitter: Go to and log in with our usual WNR credentials. Add a comment and the link to your report. If you have your own Twitter account, please reweet there as well.


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