Alternative recording method


There is now an alternative way to record your phone interviews that does not have google voice’s issue of cutting out while recording.  It is a simple phone tap – the phone now goes through a small black box before reaching the actually handset.  This small black box has an audio cable coming out – just put that cable into a recorder’s “line in” jack to set it up.  Make sure the recorder’s level is set to around 8 or 9 to boost the signal.

How to use it:

1. Call normally from the first phone.

2. Ask permission to record, and then hit the record button on the recorder.  The recorder should start displaying the time of the interview

3. When the interview is over, stop the recorder.  Transfer audio file from recorder to your computer.


No more cutting out while recording (moments when you no longer can hear what the interviewer is saying)

Audio quality equivalent to google voice.


Audio file needs to be physically transferred.

Need to watch battery time (though this will rarely be an issue)

Interviewer’s voice is significantly quieter than normal (this will be an issue if you are creating a conversation piece)