If you have a connection to the Internet, you can have our show automatically downloaded to your computer every time we post a new episode, as a “podcast.” Once your computer has downloaded the mp3 file, you can listen to it on your computer speakers or transfer it to another digital audio player, such as an iPod. For more information on podcasting in general, see the Wikipedia article.

How To Subscribe to WNR‘s Podcast

If you are using iTunes, simply click on this button and click “Subscribe” when iTunes appears:

iTunes subscription button

or you can subscribe to our podcast feed by dragging this link into your iTunes window:

Alternately, you can subscribe manually by following these simple steps:

  1. In the menubar, go to Advanced -> Subscribe to Podcast
  2. Paste http://feeds.warnewsradio.org/WarNewsRadio in where it asks for the URL
  3. Hit OK, and you should be subscribed. Depending on your settings, the show should start downloading immediately.

For other aggregators and podcasting programs, include http://feeds.warnewsradio.org/WarNewsRadio into the link for the podcast.

Subscribe by E-mail

If podcasting isn’t for you, you can instead receive an e-mail notification whenever we post a new show.

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