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This week on War News Radio, we hear from our partner station, Yatsani FM in Lusaka, Zambia on the impact of climate change on food security in Zambia. Featuring two panelists, a geophysicist and an economist. Tune in for an on the ground examination of an ever growing problem.

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This week on War News Radio, Anna Weber interviews Jody Williams about the plight of refugees during the current European refugee crisis and the importance of seeing the crisis as a human crisis when continuing to find solutions.

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This week on War News Radio, we report on the epidemic of the Zika virus in Latin America.

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This week on War News Radio we bring you two voices: one returning and one new. In order to expand the scope of our work we collaborate with fellow reporters at Yatsani FM in Zambia and are starting to share content from United Nations Radio.

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This week on War News Radio, “Headlines: Explained.” Reporters Haruka Ono, Anna Weber, and Sabrina Merold explain three headlines you may have seen in the news recently. They cover Taiwan’s recent election, the Iran prisoner deal, and El Chapo’s recent arrest. Have a listen!

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This week on War News Radio, we hear from El Wanaco, a young Salvadoran rapper, and mine music for new ways to understand El Salvador’s history of violence, outside influence, resistance, and survival. Take a listen.

Y aquí, la versión en español:

This is the third and last piece in our series of interviews with Central American migrants, all of which are available on our website in English and Spanish.

#1: By Force/A la fuerza
#2: Too Close/Cerquita

BONUS: Featured tracks
Gracias madresita – El Wanaco
Inmigrante – El Wanaco
El Emigrante – Los Tigres del Norte
Prepárame la cena – Calle 13
Que vayas con dios – Big Boy
There is Something in my Heart – Ghetto Brothers
Don´t Believe the Hype – Public Enemy
Fuck tha Police – N.W.A.
Instrumental con guitarra – Marvin Palacios
Mix Mega Loco – DJ Emerson, El Mago Melódico, System Music
5 de julio – Sin Rivales
Milonga del fusilado – Yolocamba Ita
Cielo gris – Pescozada
Cuánto cuesta – Reyes del Bajo Mundo
Reflexión – Gangster Fury

(No copyright infringement was intended!)

Photos for this post by El Wanaco and El Faro.

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