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This week on War News Radio, “By Force.” Reporter Liliana Frankel spent summer 2015 living and working at a migrant shelter in Oaxaca, Mexico. While she was there, she collected interviews with people passing through. This week, we hear the story of Lisandro Lopez, a Honduran veteran of the Iraq War. Lisandro’s is the first in a series of stories we’re producing from Liliana’s interviews. Take a listen.

We also recorded a version of this show in Spanish. Listen here:

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Fly Away Drones

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Kite-Flying for Peace

Today, for the first time, President Obama acknowledged and rigorously defended drone strikes targeting militants in Yemen and other parts of the world.

At least to my ears, the speech is a clear response to critics who say drone strikes are an unconstitutional use of executive power and a violation of human rights. Earlier this spring, I met some of those critics at a protest on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Here’s the piece I produced for our April show about whether robotics researchers who receive defense grants from the government should share the blame for drone strikes.

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This week, War News Radio featured a report on – an independent civilian media project – after the U.S. Marine Corps called an end to the team’s embedment at a base in Afghanistan.

After our project was produced, we learned that the Marine Corps cleared up an earlier misunderstanding and agreed that “media ground rules were not violated.”

Basetrack’s Teru Kuwayama added: “The short of it is that it Basetrack has been totally cleared on any concerns regarding operational security. The longer story is good news/bad news.” Read the letter from the USMC at

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