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Collage of images taken by U.S. military in Iraq.

Combat zones can expose a soldier to a great number of traumatic experiences, but finding peace after war can be another battle.

The inability to escape those experiences define post traumatic stress disorder, a condition that is widely publicized but not always widely understood.

War News Radio’s Caroline Batten, working with producer Collin Smith, took a look at the different stigmas veterans with this disorder face when returning civilian society.

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Weavers in the Adraskan District of western Afghanistan.

In the first part of this analysis of the Afghan rug industry we examined the historical background behind the production of carpets in Afghanistan, and the factors that led to the weaving of war rugs. Part two focuses on how the industry is developing today and what the future may hold, but to understand the current state of the Afghan rug industry we have to look to the past. Jared Nolan has the story.

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This week, nearly 800 classified internal Guantanamo documents were leaked by Wikileaks.

The documents provide a candid view into the internal evaluations of Guantanamo detainees.

Aaron Moser and Alan Zhao take a look at one in particular.

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