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From finely-woven traditional heirloom carpets to inexpensive “war rugs” that can resemble blown-up post cards, Afghanistan rug weavers make it all. Then how come no one associates Afghanistan with oriental rugs?

In this two-part analysis of Afghanistan’s carpet industry Jared Nolan investigates the past history and future challenges facing the country’s rug trad

This week he looks into how historical events and traditions have shaped what the industry looks like today. Here’s Jared.

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For over ten years freelance journalist and photographer Iason Athanasiadis has reported on most of the Middle East and Central Asia for a litany of news outlets, including the BBC, al-jazeera, Newsweek, and the Christian Science Monitor.  In his latest assignment he covered the protests in Egypt.  Jared Nolan talked with him about his perspective on the recent turmoil and his conversations with Afghans.

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Still missing: U.S. Army Sgt. Ahmed Altaie

This week, War News Radio featured a report on U.S. Army Sgt. Ahmed Altaie, the last U.S. service member still reported as missing or captured in Iraq. Here are some of the resources we discovered while reporting:

On Facebook: Free Prisoner of War in Iraq – US Army Sergeant Ahmed Kousay Altaie

At Two U.S. soldiers are currently listed as Missing-Captured by the Pentagon as of March 28, 2010.

At Ahmed Kousay Altaie

At Ahmed Kousay Altaie

At Ahmed Al-Taie

At Lets get these guys back.

At K. Altaie

At YouTube: POW/MIA US ARMY SGT. Ahmed Altaie



Ahmed Altaie, seen in a family video.

U.S. Army Sgt. Altaie

President Obama declared the end of combat missions in Iraq during an Oval Office address in August, saying the the U.S. had met it’s obligation in that country.

But one American soldier remains missing in action, and his family is still waiting for answers.

War News Radio’s Jeremy Rapaport-Stein spoke with relatives in both countries.




US Army Sgt. Ahmed Altaie had left the Green Zone to visit his new Iraqi wife in Baghdad when he was abducted. Several hours later, his ex-wife and close friend, Linda Racey, heard the news. Read More→