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HOST: Currently, foreign assistance supports all aspects of Afghan public service, from the police force to road infrastructure to farming. Unintended consequences often limit the effectiveness of these programs, but there is an alternative to the standard development model that results in waste, corruption, and conflict.

In the first segment of this series documenting the economy of Afghanistan and the measures required to sustain the Afghan state, War News Radio’s Jared Nolan examined the administration of foreign aid in Afghanistan and concluded that in many cases, the aid does just as much harm as good. In this part, Nolan focuses on a program practicing small-scale development at the community level.

NOLAN: You may never have heard of it, but the National Solidarity Program is the most successful development initiative in Afghanistan. And it’s not new; the project started back in 2003. Since then it has received over $1.5 billion in funding from international donors and reached all 34 of Afghanistan’s provinces and 25,000 communities countrywide. All told, the program has directly affected over 18 million Afghans out of the country’s population of 29 million. So what sets this program apart?


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Host Intro: While speaking to many people in Philadelphia, it seemed that the conflicts are often very far from the public consciousness.  However, War News Radio found many for whom the conflicts run close to home, illuminating the importance for many Americans. Sarah Dwider has the second part of War News Radio’s Philadelphia public opinion and awareness survey.

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American news is filled with issues such as the debt, natural disasters, the Arab spring, and unemployment.  Amid all of these issues and controversies, the United States is still involved in multiple conflicts abroad: Iraq, Afghanistan — and now Libya.  How salient are these issues to the public? Is other news more pressing as the media seem to suggest?  The War News Radio staff hit the streets of Philadelphia – just after Memorial Day to survey public opinion and awareness of the conflicts. Elliana Bisgaard-Church has part one of this story.

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Collage of images taken by U.S. military in Iraq.

Combat zones can expose a soldier to a great number of traumatic experiences, but finding peace after war can be another battle.

The inability to escape those experiences define post traumatic stress disorder, a condition that is widely publicized but not always widely understood.

War News Radio’s Caroline Batten, working with producer Collin Smith, took a look at the different stigmas veterans with this disorder face when returning civilian society.

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