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Two Syrian girls in Zaatari refugee camp. Photo by Oxfam International via flickr.

Two Syrian girls in the Zaatari refugee camp. Photo by Oxfam International via flickr.

In the past few months, War News Radio reporters have covered everything from the euphoria and disappointment of youth protestors all over the world this summer, to the nonviolent resistance movement in Syria, to travelers looking for peace in times of conflict. We feel lucky to have heard so many amazing stories – stories that challenged the way we think about conflict resolution and put a human face on far-away wars. As the year ends, we send warm wishes to the many people that shared those stories with us.

Here’s a look back at WNR’s work from Fall 2013.

December: Take-Offs & Landings featuring
Down the Nile by Amy DiPierro
On the blog:
Filibusted’s Craziest Autocrats by Caroline Batten and Sara Morell
Filibusted’s Craziest Autocrats is Back! by Caroline Batten and Sara Morell

November: Unconventional Conflict featuring
Moving Beyond Violence: The Potential for a Nonviolent Syrian Resistance Movement by Sabrina Merold
From Aleppo to the US: A Refugee’s Journey by Collin Smith
On the blog:
Weekly Newscast – November 8, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg
Weekly Newscast – November 15, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg

October: Strife in Syria featuring
Filibusted: Strife in Syria by Caroline Batten and Sara Morell with Tyler Welsh and Will Sullivan
Syria and Society: Two Takes by Dylan Okabe-Jawdat and Aaron True with Caroline Batten and Sabrina Merold
Diplomacy-Disarmament Blues by Amy DiPierro, Maggie Christ, and Rachael Sassella
On the blog:
Weekly Newscast – October 11, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg
Weekly Newscast – October 25, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg

September: Chaos & Crisis featuring
Filibusted: Satire and Snark from the Past Week by Caroline Batten and Sara Morell
Festivals for Democracy: Youth Protesters in Cairo, Sao Paolo and Istanbul by Sadie Rittman
Amid drone strikes, empty stomachs and silence in Yemen by Amy DiPierro
On the blog:
Weekly Newscast – September 13, 2013 
edited by Chloe Wittenberg
Weekly Newscast – September 20, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg
Weekly Newscast – September 27, 2013 edited by Chloe Wittenberg

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Global March for Syria in London

Sometimes it’s hard to read the news without getting angry. Caroline Batten and Sara Morell have stopped trying. War News Radio proudly presents “Filibusted”, an editorial segment dedicated to the news that makes us tear our hair out.

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Photo by ElvisParsley via flickr

The summer before he went off to college, Swarthmore first year Ahmet decided he would paddle down a portion of the Nile River in an inflatable raft. That plan might seem risky enough in peace times, but in the midst of rising popular dissent against then-President Muhammed Morsi, Ahmet also faced heightened restrictions on tourists in Egypt. But the extraordinary thing about Ahmet’s story – besides the fact that he actually attempted such a stunt – is that the Egyptian conflict brewing that summer barely merits a mention. Our story begins with Ahmet in the history classroom of the boarding school he attended in Turkey, faced with a nearly unanswerable question for his college application essay.

This piece was produced by Amy DiPierro.

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Audio used in this piece is in the public domain or has been licensed under the Creative Commons.

Abdel Wahab – Balash
Adrian Schubert Orch, with Elmer Feldkamp – Love Song Of The Nile (1933)
2malen@… – Evening over aswan (January 6, 2009) Field recording.
Spider – Midnight on the Nile

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Mahmoud Picture crop

Last year Syrian high school student Mahmoud Hallak moved to America to escape the conflict consuming his home country. War News Radio’s Collin Smith talked to Hallak about his experiences and his participation in the revolution–both in Syria and in the United States.

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Photo by dingopup via flickr

War moves people. We don’t mean emotionally – although it does that, too – we mean physically. War moves people, but how and in which directions is never easy to predict. The journey of American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is rarely a clean arc of a single deployment, service, and reintegration, but rather many cycles of entering and leaving the theater of war. The timeline is even less clear for the civilians war displaces, who leave home in search of another, or return home to find that their idea of home no longer exists, or come and go and come and go in search of a safe place. This month on War News Radio: stories of comings, goings, and the criss-crossing paths of war and peace.

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Photo by oxfamnovib via Flickr

Photo by oxfamnovib via Flickr

This week on War News Radio, negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program, sectarian violence in Iraq, terrorism in Nigeria, and more.

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